Bali Yoga: 12 best yoga studios in Canggu Bali

Welcome to Bali, yogi! I live here and I did my Yoga Teacher Training here (and I’m learning more!). If you are looking for the best yoga studios in Canggu Bali, here are my recommendations.


Yoga Studios in Canggu Bali offer more than a studio to practice yoga. Inside a few retreat centers, you’ll find restaurants, cafes, and eco-friendly shops on every street corner.

As a popular tourist destination over the years, Canggu has become a hub for yoga practitioners of all levels. Yoga classes in Bali are affordable, with drop-in prices from 130,000 to 150,000 IDR or $8 to $10 USD, and this could drop in half, especially if you buy a weekly or monthly class pass.

Canggu’s thriving yoga community can be felt everywhere, from open-air bamboo studios to art villages overlooking rice fields to private garden villas.

Whether you are a beginner or a regular yoga practitioner, this list is for you. Here’s our guide to help you relax on your mat and practice yoga while in Canggu.

If you are also looking for yoga buddies to practice with, send me a message – I’d love to meet and show you around!

💲 These best yoga studios in Bali has different prices for Kitas, locals, Balinese, and foreigners. In this guide, I only put the prices for foreigners.

1. Samadi Bali: best yoga studio in Canggu for advanced Ashtanga

If you’re looking for Ashtanga classes in Canggu, Samadi Bali is one of the best studios to practice yoga. This studio has an excellent community for health and conscious living practitioners, ex-pats, and tourist.

Samadi Bali offers more than regular yoga classes; they organize holistic events, including ecstatic dance, moon rituals, women’s circles, and seminars.

It has an on-site organic cafe called Samadi Kitchen Lab. If you want to stock up on healthy snacks, they also have a grocery that serves nutritious, locally sourced food perfect for nourishing the body and soul after practicing yoga.

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2. The Practice Canggu: best yoga studio in Canggu for Hatha

The Practice is widely considered the best yoga studio in Canggu and with good reason. It is known for its charming architectural bamboo studio in the middle of busy Batu Bolong, where students can study and practice peacefully.

Known for its traditional Hatha style, The Practice also offers classes, workshops, and teacher training in different types of yoga. Among all the studios in Canggu, The Practice is one of the few offering meditation classes, which most visitors are raving about.

3. Nirvana Strength Canggu: best yoga studio in Canggu for Vinyasa and Yin

In a vibrant and supportive community, Nirvana Strength in Canggu is known for its Power Yoga, mobility, and core group classes. Instructors will help you develop strength, flexibility, and balance through various yoga styles.

And if you want to experience the ultimate wellness journey after trying out their group classes, visit their cafe, The Podium. Whether a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you should include this tropical haven and discover new ways to elevate your fitness and well-being.

1 class$9 USD
5 classes$45 USD
10 classes$85 USD
20 classes$151 USD

4. Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga: best yoga studio in Canggu for aerial yoga

Explore various yoga styles, from Hatha to chakra flow, including aerial and restorative yoga offerings. Serenity Eco Guesthouse Yoga is just a few minutes from the beach. Enjoy dining at Alkaline Restaurant or chill in their spacious, relaxing outdoor setting with a beautiful garden and multiple yoga rooms with various classes.

Don’t miss Serenity Eco Guesthouse and Yoga if you want to deepen your practice in open-air studios to connect with nature while enjoying the gentle ocean breeze during your practice.

1 class$8 USDN/A
5 classes$35 USD2 months
10 classes$63 USD2 months
20 classes$113 USD2 months
Daily (unlimited)$13 USDN/A
Weekly (unlimited)$50 USD7 days from first class
Monthly (unlimited)$113 USD30 days from first class

5. Desa Seni: best yoga studio in Canggu with a spa

Desa Seni is an Eco village and Organic resort that offers a wide range of yoga styles from Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Vinyasa Flow. Open for all skill levels, and offers classes that explore the depths of yoga beyond the physical practice, shedding light on yoga philosophy and the eight limbs of yoga to enrich your experience and understanding.

Don’t skip experiencing organic foods in their restaurant and holistic spa offerings. See prices blow:

1 class$10 USD
1 class (Indonesian citizens)$7 USD
6 classes$50 USD
6 classes (Indonesian citizens)$34 USD
12 classes$86 USD
Kids class (10-17 years old)$4 USD
Community eventsDonation based

6. The Canggu Studio

Canggu Studio is an excellent option if you’re looking for more than simply yoga. With a membership, you can choose from more than 30 classes, including dance, boxing, aerobics, barre, and yoga.

You can choose from various dance options, from pop to jazz enjoy the dancehall even in your high heels. Yoga here strongly emphasizes strength, but breathwork and emotional freedom lessons are also available for those interested in a more meditative practice.

7. Pranava Yoga Canngu

Experience authentic yoga teachings at Pranava Yoga, led by an all-local Indonesian team of instructors who seamlessly blend Balinese traditions into their practice.

Located in a traditional and peaceful guesthouse setting, Pranava Yoga provides an oasis in the busy streets of Canggu. Offering daily classes for all levels, this inviting space encourages you to step out of your comfort zone with exhilarating anti-gravity classes.

1 pass$9 USD
5 classes$43 USD
12 classes$93 USD
20 classes$136 USD
Unlimited$153 USD

8. Canggu Yoga Center

Canggu Yoga Center is a newly opened studio in Pererenan Canggu and is the sister company of the famous Ubud Yoga Center is finally in the center of Canggu.

Experience the guidance of friendly teachers as they offer a variety of yoga practices for anyone at any level. Canggu Yoga Center specializes in different types of Hot Yoga that will indeed challenge and benefit you.

9. Ecosfera Yoga Canggu

  • Ecosfera Hotel Bali Jl Batu Mejan, Echobeach
  • $8 USD for Drop-In Class

Ecosfera Yoga is open for daily classes fit for all levels and experiences, led by friendly and hands-on instructors eager to help you deepen your practice. Choose from regular classes of Vinyasa flow, occasional Hatha yoga, and the unique Kriya Himalayan yoga; there’s something for everyone in Canggu.

If you plan to host your retreat, you can book the entire studio for an exclusive experience that allows your group to stay, eat, and practice together while fully immersing in the heart of Canggu. From Ecosfera, you can enjoy easy access to local beaches and attractions.

10. Guan Yin Yoga Shala, Tugu Hotel

The Guan Yin Yoga Shala is located in the peaceful Hotel Tugu Bali. It is a peaceful place for people who want peace, rest, and personal growth. This yoga sanctuary was named after the Goddess of Compassion. It is a part of the rich cultural history of Indonesia, with lush fields and a gentle breeze from the ocean.

Walking into the yoga shala, you’ll find yourself in a peaceful oasis with high ceilings and beautiful traditional Balinese paintings. At the center of the studio is a lovely statue of Guan Yin that is over a hundred years old and gives off warmth and kindness to everyone who comes to see it.

Guan Yin Yoga Shala has a variety of yoga styles that are good for beginners and more experienced yogis. You can do Yang-style yoga like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, or Yin and healing yoga.

With the help of certified teachers, you can clear any energy blockages and find proper balance in your practice.

11. Ubuntu Yoga Canggu

Ubuntu Yoga Studio is a place of peace and good energy surrounded by beautiful nature in Canggu. This magical hideaway is surrounded by a lush permaculture garden, which makes it the perfect place to do yoga that will change your life.

With a strong focus on Ashtanga practice, the studio’s morning Mysore classes are an excellent way for experienced yogis and newbies to get closer to themselves and their surroundings.

Away from the busy streets of Canggu, the studio is in a quiet place where people can fully experience the healing power of yoga and enjoy the modern services that Ubuntu offers.

Take a peaceful walk through the permaculture farm, listening to the sounds of nature and embracing the Ubuntu spirit, which means that all living things are linked.

1 class$9 USD
12 classes$91 USD
24 classes$157 USD

12. Udara Retreat Bali

  • Aerial Yoga Classes and Sunday Ecstatic Dance!
  •  Jl. Pura Kramat, Seseh 80351 Bali, Indonesia
  • $8 USD for Drop-In Class

Udara Retreat is located at Sehseh, fifteen minutes drive from Canggu, but this comfortable tropical place to escape crowds and do yoga, detox, and rest. I can’t think of anything better than this peaceful hideaway with traditional Indonesian bungalows, a cool swimming pool, yoga classes with ocean views, and an organic cafe.

# of classesPriceValidity
1 class$9 USDN/A
3 classes$26 USD30 days
5 classes$43 USD30 days
10 classes$82 USD30 days
20 classes$126 USD60 days
Private Class (1-6 students)$76 USDN/A
Private class (7-14 students)$157 USDN/A

In conclusion, Canggu offers more options when it comes to yoga studios. With its beautiful surroundings and calming atmosphere, it’s no wonder that yogis worldwide have chosen to visit this unique location.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a curious beginner in yoga, yoga studios in Canggu will surely provide an unforgettable experience.

We hope this guide has helped you navigate which studios Canggu you’ll visit. Keep practicing yoga; you’ll find the perfect space to deepen your practice, connect with like-minded individuals, and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Remember, it’s all about finding the right space for your journey, so don’t be afraid to explore and discover what resonates with you.As you continue to grow in your practice, may the tranquil setting of Canggu, its vibrant community, and the wisdom of its instructors inspire and support your journey.

So check out one of these Yoga studios in Canggu Bali, and let us know what you think! And if you have Yoga studio recommendations in Canggu, message us, and we’ll happily update our list.

Namaste, and happy exploring! Don’t forget to get in touch when you are in Bali! I’d love to meet fellow yogis!

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